Citroen Maserati SM


The iconic Citroen SM was a cost-not-considered venture, where some of the world’s most prominent designers and engineers were enabled to let their creative minds run wild. The result was a motorcar, so futuristic, so well engineered, so ingenious and powered by Maserati’s 90 degree V6 Quad Cam racing engine.Our drop dead gorgeous SM is possiblythe most perfect example available in the world….. yes ‘in the world’, with no Clarkson connotations! Her bullet-slender bodywork is flawlessly presented in opalescent silver-grey as per her factory specification, accented by immaculate chromework. Her underbelly and chassis is astonishingly uncompromised and she sits on correct Michelin rubber. A key part to her better-than-new condition was the removal of her engine and drivetrain, which was then shipped to world renowned SM guru, Andrew Brodie, who proceeded to carry out an exacting full engine and gearbox rebuild and upgrade including the all important solid valve conversion. In the meantime, her engine bay was detailed to perfection and remains that way. Her sumptuous black leather interior is a wondrous place to be, with cosseting space ship seats, a gear shift assembly that puts Ferrari to shame, electric everything and even a period audio system that secretly supplies a 21stCentury aural experience.

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